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Why We do it

Without Crude Oil & Natural Gas, Life Would Be Much Different


World's Fertilizer

comes from natural gas; without fertilizer we couldn't feed the world's population

2/3 of the world's electricity

comes from fossil fuels (coal, natural gas, and oil)

330 hours

of pedaling to equal the energy in 1 gallon of gasoline

Even with growth

in wind and solar power, the usage of oil, natural gas, and coal goes up every year

100 bicyclists pedaling full time 

is the same amount of energy the avg. American uses in a year (309 million btu's)

40 bicyclists

pedaling to operate one air conditioner

Crude Talk From Arthur

ESG and IEA - Acronyms That Will Rock Your World

October 2021

The IEA and ESG are doing all in their power to curtail world oil and gas supply in the name of reducing world emissions.  The assumption is that the world will be using less oil and gas going forward, and that as the world economy recovers from covid, growing world energy needs will be met by investments in renewables (wind and solar).  It is easy to make that assumption when the world is well stocked with oil and gas--but is the world well stocked?  And what are the prospects for maintaining (or increasing) world oil and gas production?

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