Why We do it

Without Crude Oil & Natural Gas, Life Would Be Much Different


World's Fertilizer

comes from natural gas; without fertilizer we couldn't feed the world's population

2/3 of the world's electricity

comes from fossil fuels (coal, natural gas, and oil)

330 hours

of pedaling to equal the energy in 1 gallon of gasoline

Even with growth

in wind and solar power, the usage of oil, natural gas, and coal goes up every year

100 bicyclists pedaling full time 

is the same amount of energy the avg. American uses in a year (309 million btu's)

40 bicyclists

pedaling to operate one air conditioner

Modern medicine wouldn't exist without hydraulic fracturing

More than 90 items made possible through the processing of oil and natural gas into advanced plastics and synthetic rubber are shown in this photo of a typical emergency room.